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Open Role

Digital Designer

published: 07 feb 2023

What it's like

giga is a service based on-chain organisation focussed on design first marketing. We work with infrastructure and foundations to develop rich ecosystems, culture and community that encourage flourishing, organic systems.

We’re system thinkers first, designers second, marketers third. All of our clients come from our reputation. We do 0 sales, 0 marketing, 0 outbound. They come to us because they know us. We build what we believe in, in the truest sense. A decentralised, permisionless future, that’s beautiful.

Also, we move fast asf.

Role Overview

We are on the lookout for a Senior Digital Designer who is a master of UI/UX, graphic design, and typography. Ideal candidates will have a rich background in product companies and possess advanced skills in Figma, Adobe, and Framer. This role involves working on diverse projects from websites and design systems to print materials, ensuring every piece is a blend of creativity and technical excellence.

You’ll be responsible for (Day-Day):

  • Crafting Tomorrow’s Web: Design interfaces that are as intuitive as they are visually appealing. Your mission: marry aesthetics with user-friendliness in a way that even skeptics would applaud.

  • Brand Consistency: Act as the steward of our visual identity, ensuring the brand's essence is both preserved and evolved. Think of it as being the custodian of our digital persona, keeping it relevant and resonant.

  • Layout Engineering: Develop layouts that don’t just fill space but tell a compelling story. Whether for screen or print, your creations should engage and inform, making every pixel count.

  • Collaboration with Developers: Work in harmony with the development team to ensure designs are translated into code with precision. It’s about speaking their language, ensuring clarity and cohesion from concept to completion.

  • Creative Problem Solving: Tackle design challenges with a mix of innovative thinking and practical solutions. You're in the business of turning "What if" into "That's it."

  • Feedback Integration: Use feedback as a tool for refinement, not just a box to check. It’s about synthesizing perspectives to elevate your work, not just a nod to the chorus.

  • Trend Surveillance: Stay ahead of the curve, identifying and integrating the latest design trends into our projects. Be more than just a passive observer; be a trend translator for giga.

  • Asset Management: Keep our design assets meticulously organized and readily deployable. It’s less about herding cats and more about orchestrating a symphony of visual elements for smooth handoffs.


  • Proven Expertise: Demonstrable UI/UX design experience with a portfolio that highlights your depth of skill and creativity.

  • Design Mastery: Exceptional ability in graphic design and typography, with a keen eye for aesthetic detail.

  • Industry Experience: A background in working with product companies, understanding the nuances of brand development in a product-centric environment.

  • Technical Proficiency: Skilled in Figma, Adobe, and Framer, with the ability to bring complex design concepts to life.

  • Creative and Technical Solution Delivery: Capable of delivering both creative and technical design solutions, with experience in handing off final designs to developers and creating print materials.

How we work

All of us are makers, none of us are managers. Therefore we work on the maker schedule.

We have 2 set meetings a week, 1 on monday, 1 on thursday.

We value flow, deep work, and individual impact. You won’t get a barrage of messages or notifications during the middle of the day.

Everything is based on value, not time. You know how to manage this best, so we let you manage it yourself.

We do have extra meetups, collobarative sessions, and lots of time in figma,, throughout the week.

Ultimately, we believe the best way to become great at something, is to practice it over and over again in different contexts.


  1. Individuality > Tribal identity

  2. Narrative > Reality

  3. Focus > Scatterdness

  4. Detail > Time

  5. Self-direction > Management

How to Apply

Does this role sound like a good fit? Email us at

  • Include the role's title in your subject line.

  • Send along links that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done.